Children have a vivid and dramatic imagination. Their world is full of dreams, fantasy and adventure. And even the smallest thing can trigger their creativity. You can help your clients create a playful and creative space for their kids using wall stencils.

Berger Paints Easy Clean Wall Stencils includes fun-filled themes like jungle safari, sports, nature and abstracts to suit every style, personality and lifestyle. Discover a range of themes, perfect for athletes, explorers, naturists, creative-heads and dreamers alike. These stencils will inject a bit of personality in even the most boring walls. The stencils can be cleaned and stored for future applications so you can recommend this addition to your clients’ walls if they are hesitant of any permanent changes on the walls of their homes.

Here are some kid-friendly wall stencils that will bring playfulness to decorating kids’ room for kids room décor ideas.